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Our Mobile Air Conditioners 

Need a temporary solution? LDL offers custom built air conditioning units with power and efficiency that could handle any project from outdoor tents to massive warehouses. We guarantee our units are more efficient than our national competitors equivalent ton rated unit. With colder running equipment, we will save you money on your project and have your project colder than anyone else. Our AC units are always installed with professional experts. 

We offers portable air conditioners for every application. They are easy to install and come in a variety of sizes and types.

- 1 Ton Spot Coolers

- 3 Ton Spot Coolers

- 5 Ton Cart Mounted AC Units

- 10 Ton Trailer Mounted AC Units

- 15 Ton Trailer Mounted AC Units

- 25 Ton Trailer Mounted AC Units

- Specialty Cube Insulated Cooling Tents

- 48" Drum Fans

- Misting Fans with 40 gallon tanks

- Propane Dolly Heaters

- 12,000 BTU Electric Heaters

- Multi Quip Dolly Mounted GloBug Lights

- Assorted Generators - more power than you can shake a stick at

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